FAQs Related to Corona virus that one should know

 As we all know corona virus is now becoming endemic disease across the world none of the country is not safe .
In this scenario one should know all the FAQs Related to Corona virus. there are many uncertainities are there regarding corona virus like touching news papers ,and currency spreads corona virus and etc.etc. But the facts regarding the spread of corona virus is totally different .here we have tried maximum to solve out the questions related to Corona jumping in your mind .
Below we have given majority of images question answer related to several FAQs of corona virus .so let's read it out step by step

1) is corona virus infection is dangerous ?

2) Drinking of alcohol may hill corona ?
 3)Is corona speeds only among old age people ?
 4) from where corona virus was discovered
 5)  where,and when to test of corona?
 6) how to control corona in marraige function ?
 7) which brand of senetizer one should use ?
 8)is corona will become more pendemic in near future ?
 9)how to stop it to transmit if someone is traveling through public transport ?
 10) is someone is feeling more cough then will it be of corona patient ?
 11) when to use senetizer for hand wash
 12) is senetizer and mask need full for rural areas ?
 13) can corona be completely disable if temperature rises ?
 14) govtrnment is doing lock down everywhere is it really safe or if then for how long